About Gerald

No, this isn’t a self portrait. but if I were to have been a character on the Simpsons,

this is what it would have looked like.


What do you want to know about me? That I can take a great picture of you, your loved one, or loved thing. Yes, yes I can do that. And do it well.

Can I do it with less pain and suffering then visiting the dentist? (Apologies to all my great dentist friends out there.) Yes, I can do that too.

Most of the time I make it fun. I try to enjoy life, and am much more “sun shinny” around my loved ones, when I limit those events and people that have build in hassle factor issues.

Life is way too short to not work hard and enjoy it to the fullest. So if you are fun, want images that capture a moment in your life, give me a shout. I’ll bet we can find something special that you love.


Be well,