I’ve been fortunate to have attended a lot of weddings and experience them from a lot of different perspectives. I’ve had the privilege to fill most of the roles in a wedding; from giving away the bride, performing the role of best man, to photographer, to guest and even one very special wedding where I was the groom. Each wedding has been completely unique and special.

There isn’t another human event, with the possible exception of the birth of a child, that is so full of that can be and “the possible” as a wedding. Everything that was before  is changed, forever. And what will be hasn’t taken full form yet. So the excitement is palpable, and there is electricity is in the air.

For me, the ultimate event to photograph is a wedding.

It takes the timing, and understanding of what is going to happen next, of shooting a sports event. But with the added over lying concept of  structuring the wedding pictures for people to view and then  “ooh” and “awe” over for years later. As well as see the moments that they may have missed in the whole hustle, bustle and excitement of the wedding itself.

I continue to look forward to each wedding I shoot with the same excitement and trepidation as the very first one.

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