Welcome to my little part of the web. Look around, and if you like what you see, drop me a line and let’s see what we can make happen. I enjoy taking images of people more then taking¬†images of ¬†things, but I have been known to do both well.

Taking time to stop and smell the roses, means a whole lot more to me, as time passes. And I am thankful for the photographer who told to “just take a family picture EVERY time the family gathers”, not to mind the hassle most of my family had in getting all the folks, kids, babies, and dogs to sit still, and look at the camera.

This “habit” became a family tradition, and those have been some of the most tender moments with the younger generations. To put faces to people that they may have only been held as a baby by, but yet has “this or that” “exactly like so and so”.

I would be privileged to help notate these moments in your life, from the exciting ones like Wedding, baptisms or other major milestones to every day images to share with family and friends far away.

I’m always looking for folks that are interested in talking “photography”. Maybe even collaborating, for some thing fun and different.